30 Poems in November! 2023

30 Poems in November! is a literary fundraiser to support Center for New Americans’ (CNA) free English classes for immigrants, refugees, migrants, and asylum-seekers. Writers write a poem each day in November and ask family and friends to sponsor them.

The 2023 event raised an impressive $75,000 to support CNA’s mission.

The event was once again chaired by doctor and poet Sarah Sullivan, who has coordinated the event for 6 years running.

Sarah Sullivan smiling back at camera on a sandy beach with water and evergreen in teh background
Sarah Sullivan
30 Poems 2023 Anthology; black and white sketch of a river running through a forest
Sarah Sullivan

We extend our gratitude to all the participating writers and their impressive efforts:
Abigail Stauffer, Adin Thayer, Alexandra C Risley Schroeder, Alice MacKenzie, Amy Cronin DiCaprio, Amy Gordon, Anita Gallers, Becky Jones, Brenda Hill, Brooks Robards, C.D. Finley, Carol Rinehart, Carole Anzovin, Carole Guthrie, Christine Mirabal, D Dina Friedman, Deborah Morales, Diana Gordon, Dorothy Riehm, Elizabeth Rose, Elizabeth S Wolf, Ellen Miller-Mack, Elsa Cline, Emily Samuels, George Cernada, Gozde Iloglu, Helen O’Leary, Hillary Gardner, Howie Faerstein, Isabell VanMerlin, Jamila Gore, Jane McPhetres Johnson, Jane Yolen, Jendi Reiter, Jennifer Ladd, Jette Goldman, Jodie Shapiro, Judson Brown, Julie Cavacco, Julie Youmans, Kathleen Coffey Bintz, Kessie Warlow-Harry, Kim Baker, Lailah Shima, Lainie Senechal, Lanette Sweeney, Laura Hirschfield, Laurie Millman, Lee Desrosiers, Linda Castronovo, Linda Neas, Lindsay Rockwell, Lindsay Slabich, Liz Bedell, Lynn Bowmaster, Lynn Ricker, Maddie Altland, Madlynn Haber, Marianne Gambaro, Marla Solomon, Mary Cowhey, Mary Ellen Shaughan, Mary Fister, Maureen Carney, Melissa Cahill, Michael Favala Goldman, Michael Macdonald, Michael-Allen Roche-Sloan, Nancy Perman, Nathalie McCormick, Nerissa Nields, Nicola Morris, Nora Glass, Patricia Crosby, Patricia Lewis, Paul Redstone, Peg Johnson, Peter Bryant, Robert Barber, Rochelle Goldfarb, Ron Seybold, Rose Oliver, Sarah & Tom Rossmassler, Sarah Goodman Cuetara, Sarah Sullivan, Sharon Tracey, Steve Watson, Suzann Heron, Teresa Wong, Tom Clark, Trish Olson, Tzivia Gover, and Zan Cusa.

Northampton Open Media recording of in-person event:

December 17th online event: