Welcome to the project of 30 poems in November to support the Center for New Americans.
Laughter allows helps
Goal $999.00
100% towards our goal
$1,062.00 raised
Janet And Bob Bissell
$ 100.00
Paul, Thanks for your excellent poetry - for this excellent cause
Dennis Bidwell
$ 100.00
Rachel Wysoker
$ 100.00
Thanks, Paul! Keep those poems coming.
Lori Phil Ellen Story & Harper
$ 50.00
Thanks Paul - your poems are great!
Ruth Anderson-Zabre
$ 100.00
Excellent cause and good writing too!
Campos Family
$ 100.00
Great poems for a great cause!
Pauline Bassett & Alan Katz
$ 92.00

Once again I am writing to support the excellent work the immigrant community receives from CNAM. As always the need is greater that the services.  So I am moved to write and thereby provide additional help for the community.The fact that I now live in Maine doesn't change the needs. The project of 30 Poems in November provides the necesary "crack of the whip" to push me further in the writing that I do during the rest of the year.

Hopefully you will also be moved to support the efforts of the Center by your contributions.

Thank You

Paul Redstone