Hi all, I look forward to this wonderful annual event every year. The best thing about November is that I get to wake up every morning to a prompt in my inbox. I have no idea what I'm going to write until it comes out of my pen. Being part of this extraordinary community is an experience I never want to miss!
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Christine Biegner
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Happy to contribute to this worthy cause.6011
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You are how I got here. Thank you for that. And for all you offer to our community. Your talent, generosity, and beinghood.
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As the granddaughter of immigrants, I'm happy to be able to help recent newcomers to the US.
Emily And Donny Cook
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In memory of Michael and Richard
Rebecca Olander
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Thank you for writing and for supporting CNA!

I've been participating in 30 Poems in November for at least ten years, and it's one of my favorite things ever. I love the cause and the focus, the challenge to the parts of my brain that insist on being in control, because there's no way I can control what comes out of my pen after I'm faced with one of Sarah Sullivan's excellent prompts. I almost always get a song or two out of the process, and lots of bits to use as poems or flash essays. This year, I am dedicating my work to the memories of two poets from my Writing It Up in the Garden community: Michael Biegner and Richard Fox, both men brilliant poets and the bravest, most optimistic, honest battlers of cancer I've ever met. Brothers, I salute you.