Welcome! I am so pleased you've arrived. Please donate whatever feels most comfortable to support the important work done by the Center for New Americans. Thank you for being a Poetry Lover and for supporting our community.
Goal $1,000.00
59.7% towards our goal
$597.00 raised
Alden Murphy
$ 100.00
To all the poets who are writing, blessings to you for your creative work and for your support of project and plights beyond you!!!
Joy Dube
$ 50.00
The power of Poetry to create good things! Your poems are amazing, Lindsay!
Deborah Levenson
$ 54.00
Thanks for your wonderful poetry, Lindsay, and for this opportunity to support CNAM through the arts. .
Marisa And Marty
$ 100.00
Thank you, Lindsay! You have what it takes!
Phil And Laurie
$ 100.00
You’re our hero, Linds.
Ellen Doré Watson
$ 20.00
Helena Trey
$ 25.00
Well done Lindsey. You are a light in the world with your poetry.