This is my first year writing 30 poems in November to raise money for immigrants and refugees trying to get started here in America. With all that going on in this country, we are in danger of losing our status as a welcoming land for all, where anyone can work hard and reach their goals, satisfy their dreams. I'm doing a little thing to push that envelope.
Goal $200.00
100% towards our goal
$225.00 raised
Caryl J Isenberg
$ 50.00
Dear Steve, I am so proud of you for writing 30 poems! You are really rockin' it, baby. And the Center For New Americans is a wonderful organization doing great work. win - win. Love, Caryl

I know we all have our pet causes, charities that we believe in and have for years. I chose to support Center for New Americans so my nephews and nieces, and their kids, are able to flourish in a country where the Statue of Liberty is still relevant, and Americans are still very cool people, folks that are still heroes and role models. You, too, can grow up to be . . .